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Fabrica Vitae is a philosophical film about the anatomical mortal body and the study of the nature of consciousness within this body. It questions what it is that makes us human. Seven diverse, world-renowned, pioneers in Science and Art talk about their life’s work. In encompassing life and death, with the body as their investigative tool, they have often had to break taboos and push boundaries. They don’t avoid controversy, but on the contrary, dare to take a leap of faith into the void, to tread on virgin ground and to tell an unheard and unknown story.


Authors: Jelle Janssens, Sofie Hanegreefs, Pascale Pollier

“Genius lives on, all else is mortal.” Unique visions on the future of humanity and the hitherto “organic carbon man”

As documentary makers, and artists in our own right, we feel very connected with our special guest subjects.  We share a similar drive, and have the same passion to observe, create and explore with an eye for fine detail. We are haunted by the same obsessions, which are often not logical at all and sometimes throw us out of our comfort zone into a world of lonely exploration. To question ourselves, our raison d’etre and the world we live in can be a very unsettling thing to do.

The artists and scientists portrayed in this film serve as mentors. They have spent their lives questioning life and death, with the body as their investigative tool, they have mastered their trade and as pioneers have often had to break taboos and push boundaries. They don’t avoid controversy, but on the contrary, dare to take a leap of faith into the void and to tread on virginal ground and try to tell an unheard and unknown story.

With our film Fabrica Vitae, we would like to expand upon the knowledge gained from research into the physical world and, through continued detailed examination of the human body, broaden our philosophy and understanding of related issues, thereby furthering our understanding of consciousness, the spark of life, and the nature of our “life energy”.

A carefully selected group of contemporary, scientists and innovative artists will be questioned about their work and what they perceive the future of humanity and the physical human body to be. It will be fascinating to record their unique visions of man’s life choices, mortality, decay and death. The film will glorify the wonder of corporal anatomy as we know it and will ponder upon the revolutionary technological physical-enhancements, which have transformed and will further change the future of the hitherto “organic carbon man”. The speakers in this documentary share an intense passion to understand the physical body and in their research often push against the boundaries of our knowledge and social acceptance. They experiment with the crossover between art and science to create innovative ideas and deserve to be heralded as brave and bold pioneers.

With great attention given to the past, from Galen to Vesalius’s and from Darwin to the present day, we will encourage a philosophical debate about our survival as an organic species and we will question and discuss what the future holds for mankind. We will try to touch upon the social and psychological implications of adapting to our ever rapidly changing environment. We are eager to explore the crossover and xenogamy between the physical and the quantum physical and we will examine examples in quantum, micro and nano biology and enquire if there are links which can be perceived with the macro. Reflecting K space to the universe, whilst musing over the journey and evolution of man within the world of technological revolution, we are pondering upon what will happen to humanity 500 years from now. Will we become cyborgs, artificial intelligence, or will we cease to exist as a species altogether? Will this organic body become obsolete, useless, and is it possible that robots and androids are our future…. or are we indeed living in a virtual reality already, as some would suggest?  Questions central to our agenda will concentrate on the nature of consciousness and the essential qualities that define a human being and what is the energy that defines the immortal spirit of man.

The focus on the mortal human body gives this film the perfect antagonist, Death. Death does not cast a moral judgement, it is neither good, nor bad. The finiteness of death challenges us and motivates us to find purpose, to make our lives meaningful, to keep moving forward and evolving, to investigate, to create and innovate. To live is to accept that confrontation. Death and the decaying body is at the core of this film and provides its structure. Our characters’ differing approaches to life and mortality create the tension and the cohesion of the film.

It pre-occupies and fascinates us all to tell this amazing story. We are excited but proceed in a well balanced way, to enable the artistic, the realistic and scientific as well as the spiritual to meet in a beautiful, meaningful and thought provoking documentary film.

With interviews from StelarcGunther von HagensDino VallsAngelina WhalleyRon Kupers and Koen Engelborg.

Interviews still to be arranged  Tom Campbell and Pascale Pollier.

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