Fluid Geometries and Pattern Pieces

David Wade is a Sculptor, Graphic Artist, Photographer and Author of numerous books on geometry and pattern, including ‘Pattern in Islamic Art’, ‘Geometric Patterns and Borders’ and ‘Crystal & Dragon: The Cosmic Dance of Symmetry and Chaos in Nature, Art and Consciousness’.

Fluid Geometries and Pattern Pieces are a selection of some of his own artworks.




Fluid Geometry 01

Fluid Geometry 07.vers.B
Fluid Geometry10
Fluid Geometry 11
Fluid Geometry 14
Fluid Geometry 4
Fluid Geometry 15



Pattern Piece 17

Pattern Piece 17

Pattern Piece 25
Pattern Piece 76
Pattern Piece 6
Pattern Piece 9
Pattern Piece 14
Pattern Piece 15





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