NanoArt – Atomic / Molecular Sculptures and Landscapes

NanoArt is a new art discipline at the art-science-technology intersections. It features nanolandscapes (molecular and atomic landscapes which are natural structures of matter at molecular and atomic scales) and nanosculptures (structures created by scientists and artists by manipulating matter at molecular and atomic scales using chemical and physical processes). The work of Cris Orfescu, an artist and scientist, is a reflection of this technological movement.

NanoArt is a glimpse into an unbelievably tiny world that only a small number of scientists have viewed. For the average person, the realm of nanotechnology — that is, structures smaller than a billionth of a meter — is as remote and inaccessible as the moon. But nanoartist Cris Orfescu wanted to change that. He created the NanoArt Exhibition to share the beauty of the nano-world with those of us living in the macro-world… Although you may be interested in learning what the image is, Orfescu wants the public to see the nanoworld independent of its source, for just its simple beauty” (Discovery News)

“...artists face a fundamental hurdle trying to represent the molecular landscapes of various materials, where features are measured in nanometers… For abstractionists like Mr. Orfescu though, such limitations are simply invitations to let color and shape-shifting run wild.” (The New York Times)

Artist and scientist Cris Orfescu manipulates chemicals and creates nano-sculptures, which he then blows up into large artworks with a scanning electron microscope.” (The Wall Street Journal)

Cris Orfescu - "Light through a Pinhole No.2", digital print, archival inks on canvas

Cris Orfescu – “Light through a Pinhole No.2”, digital print, archival inks on canvas

Cris Orfescu was born in Bucharest, Romania, and lives and works in Los Angeles since 1991. He is a degreed scientist and also a self-taught artist who is experimenting for over 40 years with different media and art forms including digital art, murals, acrylic and oil painting, mixed media, faux painting, trompe l’oeil, collage, graphics, animation, web art, video, multimedia, photography. For more than 30 years he is experimenting and perfecting a new art form, NanoArt, which reflects the transition from Science to Art through Technology. Orfescu was showing internationally his awarded works in USA, Italy, France, Finland, Korea, UK, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Colombia, Greece, Romania, Israel, in numerous solo and group exhibitions. His art was commissioned for public and private collectors.

Cris Orfescu - "Quantum Tunneling", digital print, archival inks on fine art paper

Cris Orfescu – “Quantum Tunneling”, digital print, archival inks on fine art paper

Cris Orfescu is one of the most actual artists, a child of our time, a post-literary epoch, when we experiment the co-existence, even merging of fields heretofore exhibiting autonomous profiles in time: that is, philosophy, art and science/technology… Every solo show by Cris Orfescu is a cutting-edge show of post-literature (I also named it, Leonardo’s paradigm), a true memento of our epoch, where philosophy, art and science/technology (nanotechnology) are intermingled. Modulations of dynamic forms, vital intensity of radiant, bright and expressive colors, structured by a wild harmony of the invisible world, are all subordinated to a secret music of spheres. In all his assertions, Cris is convinced that the old language of art is no longer adequate for the human actual consciousness. Cris Orfescu is a Fauvist of the microuniverses.” (The Alchemical City)

Cris Orfescu - "Inferno - Dante Alighieri, In Memoriam", digital print, archival inks on canvas

Cris Orfescu – “Inferno – Dante Alighieri, In Memoriam”, digital print, archival inks on canvas

Shouting their presence in loud shades of red, blue and yellow, artist and scientist Cris Orfescu’s images look first like abstract pieces. The colorful curves, angular lines and sudden bursts that command the canvases appear to be the fantastical expression of the artist’s whim and creative taste… Orfescu’s partner in the exhibit, photographer Rick Chinelli, said “personally, I think that Cris works on another level both physically and mentally.” (Pasadena Star News)

Cris Orfescu lives in a fun universe, populated by phantasmagoric creatures which one would say come from another planet… In his studio-lab he is having a good time sculpting the imperceptible.” (translated from the French magazine Stuff)

Cris Orfescu - "NanoWing", digital print, archival inks on canvas

Cris Orfescu – “NanoWing”, digital print, archival inks on canvas

Artist’s Statement 

My art is a reflection of the technological movement. I consider NanoArt to be a more appealing and effective way to communicate with the general public and to raise the awareness for Nanotechnology and its impact on our lives. I bring the “invisible” world in front of my audience by visualizing with a scanning electron microscope the atomic/molecular sculptures (nanosculptures) I create by chemical and physical processing. I capture the monochromatic scans in a computer and digitally paint and manipulate these images combining the realism of the scientific imaging with abstract coloring. I print the final artworks on canvas or fine art paper with archival inks specially formulated to last for a long period of time. The depth and three dimensions achieved in NanoArt set this process of electron imaging apart from Photography where images are created by photons (particles of light) rather than by electrons (electrically charged particles). The electrons penetrate deeper inside the structure creating images with more depth, more natural 3D-look than the photographic images.

Cris Orfescu - "Microparticle embedded in a NanoWeb", digital print, archival inks on fine art paper

Cris Orfescu – “Microparticle embedded in a NanoWeb”, digital print, archival inks on fine art paper

Some of Orfescu’s works could be viewed by visiting:  on desktop computers and  on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets)

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