Lynne Goldsmith’s first book, ‘Secondary Cicatrices’, won the 2018 Halcyon Poetry Prize, was a 2019 Finalist in the American Book Fest Awards, a 2020 Human Relations Indie Book Award Gold Winner and won a new Finalist Award in the International Book Awards. Her poetry has been published in Backchannels Journal, Spillway, Thimble Literary Magazine, Environmental Magazine, Red Planet Magazine, among others, with upcoming poems in Tiny Seed Literary Journal and Scotland’s 2020 Geopoetry Conference program. Her poetry book ‘Secondary Cicatrices’ recently won a Book Excellence Finalist Award.

Fractal Reminders

Chaotic equations moved you
from turbulence
to duplicative patterns.
Everywhere I look or imagine,
I should find you in reflections:
clouds and nervous system,
the edges of Saturn’s rings,
mountain ranges, lightning bolts,
seashells and coast lines, crystals,
and waterfalls. You are here to stay,
finite in area, perimeter ad infinitum.


Fibonacci Series from Indian Mathematicians

The petals of flowers remind
of Fibonacci numbers, the sequence
of which leads to golden ratio.

Spirals reflect numbers universally
in seed heads, pinecones, leaf arrangements,
sea life, vegetables, spiral galaxies,
fruit, human measurements,
art, theology

(notwithstanding exceptions)
there are yet more signs of phi—
the length of a song times .618
to equal climax point
for listeners
to follow
the universe guiding
moments of completion,

the satiety of humans
in their life that’s a curve
(maybe a golden spiral)
each color a wavelength
and frequency,
divine proportion,
these squares, rectangles,
and circles all with
something the same
overarching for signaling
what’s considered irrational,
untranslatable, without fractions,
no one thing overpowering another.


Phytoplankton carry you
away to cloud formation.

You are sulfur molecule,
two added methyl groups.

You are distinctive smell
picked by marine life and birds

for finding what attracts.
Without you,

sunlight would not reflect
back into space. Sulfur

aerosols must join with water,
needing air that goes

from gas to liquid
to shapes in a sky

of meanings, forever
changing human reflections.


Lodgepole Pine Cone Touched by Fire

How long you must wait
for your selves to fall
to the floor of your desires

for meeting
at such a hard-won place
of hidden life changed
into release

of no forest prints or signs
linking animal to plant to life
but soft ash at your feet

now after years
after your Fire sweeps
across your face

with strokes of your arms
again and again licks
with flames of its love

at your fingertip cones
of your grasping
for heat

to your opening
seeds of your birthright

new ways to down
under the covers of earth

the airs of taking hold
again in darkness to dim

your beginnings, ascent
after Fire has gone
out for fast to slow burning.



Plants move
as spirals and irregular curves
around axes unseen,
orbits in air

as in response to gravity
or response to touch

toward stimulus or nastic
change (as in reactive gestures),

or maybe as Darwin had said

internal oscillator
moving plants at cellular level
for driving systems
like tendrils
to convergent evolution
of finding solutions

as in knowing all along
how simply

to bend for holding on.



Meristem in tip and root of plant
is site where cell divides
into one without role,
the other cell programmed
for something more specialized

in plant moving toward transition zone,
propelling itself upwards and down
(through roots and up stem)

meristematic cells with their thin walls
(no vacuoles or barely any at all,
no room for storage of things)

unlike nucleus as reproductive place,
much enlarged, carrying important DNA

for renewal of self
that meeting with transitioning zone

where information (integrated)
will allow for elongation
beyond repairs into new cell growth,

maturations distantly waiting.







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