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Steven Maybury is an Irish artist currently based in Dublin whose practice is primarily concerned with drawing. He is currently working towards a publication with his drawings supported by The Fingal County Council, an exhibition with The Drawing Works and several solo exhibitions in 2017. Steven is also involved in several creative projects, including The Mundi Project commissioned by Luciano Benetton. Steven’s work has been invited to present itself on The Drawing Suite, European drawing blog in 2015 and The Drawing Works, a blog and platform for drawing based in London in 2016.  In 2016, He became a Mart gallery artist. Steven is currently working towards several international solo exhibitions and groups shows in 2017.

Since leaving art college in 2012, he has been awarded a number of artist bursaries, awards and residencies, and in 2013 took part in a European touring exhibition, ‘40-40-40’, which showcased new talent in Ireland’s state art collection. Solo and two-person shows include: ‘Jigsaws, Combs and Rulers’, Eight Gallery, Dublin (solo, 2014); ‘Groove Chronicles’, Market Studios, Dublin (solo, 2014); ‘Radical Line’, Pallas Projects, Dublin (solo, 2014); and with Claire McCluskey: ‘Synthesis I’, Eight Gallery, Dublin (2013), and ‘Synthesis II’, Tactic Gallery, Cork (2013). In 2014 he also was invited to present his drawings on The Drawing Suite, a blog for contemporary European drawing. Recent group exhibitions include: The RHA Annual, Dublin (2015 – invited); Glitch art fair, Rua Red (2015); ‘Re-ignite’, Customs House, Westport (2015); and ‘On Beauty’, Roscommon Arts Centre (2015); The Drawing Works, Camden Image gallery, London (2016) Anicca, The Library Project (solo, 2016); Dukkha, Platform Arts (solo, 2016)


Articles with Steven Maybury

Temporary Material

“My practice focuses on our relationship with materials and materials temporary nature. I use this as an entry to reflect upon the beauty and the energy rooted in the rhythms and cycles of our surroundings, of our consciousness, and of our interrelationships with the world. Particular relationships found in materials used in leisurely rituals and domestic utensils are most commonly used to in my practice to inform my work.
Primarily a drawing based practice; I extend my knowledge and understanding of drawing into sculptures, installations and animations.”

In this exclusive interview, Steven Maybury discusses his ideas and work in relation to the practice of drawing.