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Rogan Brown is an Anglo-Irish artist with degrees in Literature (BA) and Cultural Theory (MA) from Queen Mary College, London University. He has worked as a professional artist for the last ten years exhibiting his work internationally, most recently at Winston Wachter Fine Art, Seattle and Sotheby’s New York (Science and Technology exhibition). His work is on permanent display at The Wellcome Collection London and features in Lynn Gamwell’s recent book “Exploring the Invisible: Art, Science and the Spiritual” (2020 Princeton University Press).

Articles with Rogan Brown

Cellular Papercuts

“All the sculptures I make are either hand or laser cut from layers of paper and then hand mounted to create three dimensional structures……..It is also a material perfectly adapted to describe the complexity of the natural world as it embodies the paradoxical qualities that we find in nature: its fragility and durability, its strength and delicacy.”

Inspired by the narratives of scientific discovery and innovation that increasingly dominate contemporary culture, Rogan Brown’s work is an attempt by a non-scientist, an outsider, to visualize, comprehend and assimilate these new ideas and new ways of seeing the world, whether it’s to do with our changing perception of bacteria or the paradigm shifts in our comprehension of the physical world that emerge from quantum physics.