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“Creativity has enriched my understanding of the connection between our inner and outer worlds of experience. The process has enabled me to observe my journey as it deepens and develops, when painting I am free to enter a world with no boundaries – a world of possibilities.

The process of painting as a contemplative practice teaches me about nature and the rhythms we encounter internally as humans, rather than the rhythms set by culture and society. For me painting is an attempt to describe my experience of existence, to portray the multi-dimensional nature of consciousness, the dark mysteries of the unknown and the steady, distant light of hope.”

Helen has many years of experience of art used in a therapeutic context. She has worked in community mental health and with art therapists. She has developed new programmes of creative activities, conducted classes (both public and private) and delivered workshops for a broad range of ages.

Articles with Helen Garrett

Imagination and Art

An artist with a deep sense of working with the ‘poetic imagination, Helen Garrett discusses her work and the ‘conversation’ she has with her work during its creation. She asks “do these expressions of creativity come from the imagination or is the imagination a portal that opens this space and allows the conversation to occur?”