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David Sumpter is professor of applied mathematics at Uppsala University. His most recent book Soccermatics, takes a new look at the world’s most popular game. He shows how probability, geometry, statistics, game theory and dynamical systems all give new insight in to how football is played. David’s books draw both from his own scientific research, which explains how animal and human groups work together, and from a desire to understand and communicate about how maths can be used in different contexts.

In the academia, David is author of the book Collective Animal Behaviour and a leading researcher in the field of modelling group behaviour. He has published around 100 articles in leading scientific journals, including Science, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, and the Royal Society journals. He has co-authored work with scientists from every continent of the world, apart from Antarctica.

David speaks regularly at book and science festivals, has given Google and TEDx talks. He has written for the Economist, FourFourTwo magazine, The Daily Telegraph, The Big Issue and many other publications. You can follow him on Twitter @Soccermatics.

He lives in Sweden with his wife and two children. In his spare time, he trains the his son’s football team Upsala IF 2005.

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