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Angela Eames was born in Malmesbury, England in 1951. She completed the first practice-based PhD in Drawing at Wimbledon School of Art (through the University of Surrey). Prior to then she studied at The Centre for Computer Aided Art & Design at Middlesex University, The Slade School of Art and Bath Academy of Art. Eames’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally; Flowers Gallery – London, Galerie Parterre – East Berlin (British Council Award), State Gallery – Benesov u Prahy, Triennial ’94 – Cracow, Lanchester Gallery – Coventry (Midland Arts Award) and Total Arts Gallery – Dubai (British Council Award). She was an Artist in Residence at Vermont Studio School, Vermont, USA and at Montmiral School of Painting, Gaillac, France and has received several Research Awards including the Ray Finnis Foundation Award for research work. Eames visual practice utilises all drawing media from autographic procedures, through computing (two and three-dimensionally) and moving image.

Eames initiated and directed both the BA Honours in Drawing (the first such course in the UK) and the MA in Drawing at Camberwell College of Arts (University of the Arts, London). As a Research Fellow (attached to the Information and Technology Research Development Unit at the London Institute) she was Content Co-ordinator for the ground-breaking, BAFTA nominated DVD, entitled ‘Seeing Drawing’, a project which involved five major university partners across the UK, which launched in 2001. She was also responsible for the instigation of online learning via Blackboard at Camberwell in 1998. Eames has also extended her teaching practice by taking drawing and creative thinking direct to the coalface, working for Framestore – CFC, where she challenged their animation team in a series of forums and life-drawing sessions around critical animation topics. She lives and works in East Sussex, England.


She has been published in:

Writing on Drawing – Drawing Research Network, published by Intellect Books, 2008, ISBN: 978-1-84150-200-7

Surfacing catalogue, Total Arts Gallery, Dubai, 2008, published by Candlestar Ltd. ISBN: 978-0-9558661-0-4

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Drawing Colloquium at Glasgow School of Art. Paper: Where as opposed to what is drawing now?

National College of Art and Design, Dublin, ‘Focus on Drawing’.  Keynote speaker.

CADE 1999 conference, Teesside University. Paper: A Five Step Guide (or things to watch out for when using computers).

Drawing across Boundaries conference, Loughborough University. Paper: From Drawing to Computing and Back Again.

Creativity and Cognition Symposium at Loughborough University of Technology Computer Human Interface Research Centre, Loughborough. Paper: Once Upon A Meantime.

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Spatial Manoeuvres: The Drawings of Angela Eames

Angela Eames is a drawer and lecturer. Her research is concerned with extending drawing practice in the development of new approaches to drawing in relation to technological developments. Her visual practice utilises all drawing media from autographic procedures, through computing (two and three-dimensionally) and moving image. She has been working within drawing and computing specifically since 1987 and has exhibited work (from drawings in graphite on paper, through large format digital imaging, through to video pieces) in this country and abroad.