Neural Zoo

Sofia Crespo’s work consists of different projects working with artificial intelligence, computed image recognition, and neural networks. Her project, Neural Zoo, explores how creativity combines known elements in a specific way in order to create something entirely new. In the process of generating new creatures, that don’t exist yet, she offers a perspective on how similar human creativity works. The creator, in this case, would be the algorithm itself, but with a human artist as its muse.


Sofia Crespo: Micro Beauty


Sofia Crespo: Bug


Sofia Crespo: Consistente


Sofia Crespo: Soft Sea of Awareness


Sofia Crespo: Self Acceptance


Sofia Crespo: Reward System


Sofia Crespo: Revivir


Sofia Crespo: Realization


Sofia Crespo: Morphing


Sofia Crespo: Merging


Sofia Crespo: Internet


Sofia Crespo: Free Will


Sofia Crespo: Courage



All images copyright and courtesy of Sofia Crespo

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