Josefina Maranzano is mostly a self-taught artist. She studied medicine in La Plata and worked for a few years in Argentina as a general practitioner and a radiologist. At present, Josefina shares her life between painting and exploring new techniques in visual arts and conducting brain imaging medical research. She very recently submitted her Ph.D. thesis in neuroscience (with a focus in multiple sclerosis) at McGill University.

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Artist statement and biographical note

I am a visual artist originally from Latin America, established and working in Montreal since 2004. I have a background education in medical sciences, which has given me a different perspective during the development of my visual arts activity and career. I work part of my time in brain medical imaging research. The rest of my time I paint using acrylic and mixed media.

As we know, one hemisphere of the brain is related to logic and analytic thinking, the other is responsible of our creativity. I think that when I immigrated from the south hemisphere to the north hemisphere, the two halves of my brain had the urge to start working with the same intensity. I’m now trying to balance my two hemispheres, or should I say four?

The medium that I use is acrylic, but most of my work could be considered mixed media, since I use (before painting with acrylic) collage (to gain texture), acrylic gels and pastes and sometimes image transfer.

I enjoy exploring and mixing different techniques: if I use collage, I always create my own paper, by creating acrylic abstract pieces on paper that I then cut and glue using acrylic medium. The paper that I use to paint on is often recycled material. Then, I use the pieces of my own abstract art to compose new pieces, more figurative in style, where I combine collage with paint applied with a brush, in a more classic way (aplat).

When I use an image for a transfer, I work with it altering its characteristics, distorting and stretching certain areas, changing the perspective, brightness and contrast. When the transfer is done, I use it as the sketch that I could have done by hand. I also combine sketching with transfer. The transfer is lost under the acrylic paint layers.

I love complexity; life is complex. As a result, all my paintings have several layers, even when the final product seems very simple. I do not believe that “more is better”, it is not a question of quantity. Nevertheless, more complexity gives the chance, to different people, to appreciate different aspects and details of my work.

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All images copyright and courtesy of Josefina Maranzano

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