Art of the Brain

Halfway through his PhD program in neuroscience at UPenn, Greg Dunn was inspired to try a new experiment: using the brain structures he was seeing in the lab as the subject matter for his minimalist Asian-inspired paintings. When he finished his Ph.D, he bought himself a sensory deprivation tank as a graduation present. The gift marked a major life transition, from the world of science to a life of meditation and art.

Greg Dunn: Cortical Columns

Greg Dunn: Cortical Columns


Microetched Hippocampus
synaptogenesis neuropore 24 X 36 small
CMU retina I
Brainbow Hippocampus white only large
Olfactory Bulb medium
Pyramidals on Gold
NG2+ flare
Cortex in Metallic Pastels
Glia and Blood Vessels
Gnarled Oak
Gold Cortex II


An Introduction to Microetchings

Microetchings are handmade lithographs that manipulate light on a microscopic scale to control the reflectivity of metallic surfaces in precise ways. These techniques were invented by Dr. Greg Dunn and his colleague Dr. Brian Edwards in order to change the way in which the viewer experiences a painting. Please note that these microetchings are designed to evolve based on the moving perspective of the viewer and are impossible to capture in still images.


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