Revealing Luminous Human Forms

Eric Franklin constructs stunning anatomical light structures that are fully hollow. Utilizing clear glass tubing as a container for light and space, they are vacuum sealed and filled with noble gases such as neon, krypton, argon, and xenon to create stunning renderings of the human form.

Glass is a visceral membrane that can be inflated, stretched and compressed. It can be broken and repaired. Much like a human body, glass has incredible strength and durability as well as extreme fragility and vulnerability. Electricity courses through our bodies carrying signals that both sustain our existing architecture and produce new connections that further develop our sense of self. This work represents the way in which information from environmental stimuli processing within our bodies creates connections to retain and recall experience. A correlation exists between the speed at which light travels and the seemingly instantaneous speeds at which electricity transmits information through our neurons. We are constantly processing our world, searching and sifting through experiences to make seemingly infinite connections between other experiences that will inform how we navigate through life. The human skull, crafted as a glass vessel, depicts an integration of both skeletal and electrical systems of the living body. The hollow voids within the glass are filled with an inert gas to make visible by way of light the kinetic electricity that is present within.

Skull with krypton and neon


Skull with neon


Skull with argon and xenon


Skull neon and mercury


Skull neon and mercury (quarter view)


Skull in progress

Adding detail to the teeth

Skull Grouping





Vesalius skull


Vesalius with Franklin


All images copyright and courtesy of Eric Franklin

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