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With Consciousness in Mind (Part 1)

Questions: Why is it so difficult to understand consciousness? What can be done to understand it better?

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Why is it so difficult to understand consciousness? What can be done to understand it better?


There is nothing that we know more intimately than conscious experience but there is nothing that is harder to explain. And in result there is no universally agreed meaning. Because how can we sure of everything we see, hear, taste or smell? No one can be sure of our experiences. It is this undefined concept that baffles so many scientists and intelligent minds across the world. Scientists may be gathering more proof of how the mind works and with the growth of technology I believe this will get greater but never to the extent of one defined meaning! Emma


Consciousness is difficult to understand because it’s not something that we can control, it’s an innate sense of self awareness that we can’t compare or judge against others as we have no way of knowing whether we are really conscious. To have a better understanding of consciousness, you would have to have a higher state of awareness. In Buddhism there is a similar concept to this, called enlightenment which describes ‘awakening’ and insight into the truth. Mollie


How do you know if you are conscious of yourself, your actions and the world around you? We are all conscious to the extent of being alive, but we do not know how conscious we are compared to others or how to improve our consciousness. It’s a difficult concept to understand because it is unexplainable and different for everyone. Lucy


We know the face of the moon better than we know the bottom of our own oceans” is an uncomfortable thought. Not so uncomfortable, however, as how little we know about our own consciousness. If I were to incorporate some logic into my thought processes, bearing in mind this is just how my brain works (I think), I would reference my education: throughout the last few years, for me to fully understand a topic, it helps to be a step beyond. So to understand our consciousness, we need to find a ‘beyond’ position, from which to better perceive our perception. Fynn

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