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Featuring – Sivu: Better Man Than He ; Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomist ; Body Of Songs ; and Dino Valls

Sivu: Better Man Than He

UK based musician Sivu, lay in an MRI scanner at St. Barts Hospital London for hours while repeatedly singing his song,”Better Man Than He.” The real-time MRI footage shows the sagittal section of Sivu’s head as his mouth and tongue move to each word. The video also combines some coronal journeys through Sivu’s face and 3D volume rendering of his entire head.

Director: Adam Powell

The video was created with the help of doctors Marc E. Miquel and Andrew David Scott at St Barts.


Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomist 

Nature Video was invited to Windsor Castle to see some of Leonardo da Vinci’s anatomical drawings. The drawings show that Leonardo did more than dabble in the sciences; he carried out experiments and made staggering medical discoveries which could have transformed the study of anatomy in Europe — had they not languished unpublished for centuries. In this video, Senior Curator Martin Clayton shows us three of Leonardo’s most intriguing anatomical studies.


Body of Songs

Body of Songs is a ground-breaking music and science adventure that brings together Britain’s most talented musicians and medical experts to create a remarkable collection of songs, inspired by the organs of the body.
This strange proposition has a mysterious allure. As humans, we instinctively understand that music emanates from our bodies; our feel for rhythm and scales, of texture, harmony and emotion comes from an innate sense of the internal workings of our bodies.

Body of Songs launches its first three songs by highly acclaimed music artists Natasha Khan (Bat For Lashes), Ghostpoet and drum n bass legend Goldie.

Guided by medical experts including pathologists, neurologists, stem cell scientists, patients at varying stages of illness and confronting the organs themselves, the artists have begun to understand why a chosen organ works and fails. Building on this and their own emotional history and feelings, each artist has created a song.

Video by Mattia Pagura


Dino Valls:

Dino Valls is a Spanish painter born in 1959 in Zaragoza. Since 1988, he has lived and worked in Madrid. Building on a childhood passion for drawing, Valls taught himself to paint in oils beginning in 1975. After completing his degree in Medicine and Surgery in 1982, Valls devoted himself full-time to the profession of painting. As one of the Spanish representatives of the vanguard of figurative art, Valls’ work displays the strong influence of past masters and their studies of the human being. In the early ’90s, Valls began studying the use of egg tempera, adapting and customizing the techniques of Italian and Flemish masters from the fifteenth to seventeenth centuries to create new works in combinations of tempera and oil. His paintings elaborate and expand upon the methods of past masters, employing formal figurative techniques as the medium through which to explore the human psyche in a conceptual framework laden with profound psychological weight and symbolism. Dino Valls has participated in important international exhibitions of contemporary art, and has held numerous showings in Europe and the United States.

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