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Dr. Wolfgang Baer received his Ph.D. in Physics from the University of California in Berkeley. His thesis included a controversial attempt to include a physical analysis of his own role as conscious observer while operating spectroscopic experiments on the recently available element Promethium. His interest in developing UAV vision interpretation systems lead to the analysis of cognitive vision and consciousness studies. He is a regular contributor to conferences dealing with physics and consciousness including Science and Non-duality (SAND), Toward a Science of Consciousness (TSC), Foundations of Mind (FoM), among others. He supports cognitive systems development and macroscopic quantum effects leading toward theories integrating subjective and objective experiences. He recently published with Routledge Press titled ‘Conscious Action Theory’ that is intended as an advanced text to teach the physics of consciousness and summarize his observer based physics research.

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The Grand Challenge for Science

While mainstream physics continues its detailed Hadron Collider investigations of the smallest particles and astrophysics investigates the origin of the universe, the most important problem of who and what we conscious human beings actually are has been eliminated from physics and thereby from the foundations of science. This has led to a world view of humans as pointless creations of probability whose lives are without purpose beyond immediate material gratification. That the foundations of science has eliminated the subjective experience is its greatest failure and rectifying this situation is its greatest challenge. This paper illuminates this challenge.