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Tor-Finn Malum Fitje is a Norwegian artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. His projects are typically manifested through narratives in video and sound, although textual production is likewise an evident aspect of this process. His activity borders scientific research, a position strongly reflected in the finished artworks. Questions regarding the nature of sensory and linguistic reproductions, of metaphors and cognition, of myth and physical theory, and of poetry and the natural sciences, are reoccurring subjects of interest.

Articles with Tor-Finn Malum Fitje

The Color of Quarks

The Color of Quarks is an artistic project exploring the representational problems of modern physics by scrutinizing its employment of metaphors. Currently consisting of an audible essay and the following thesis, the work examines the metaphorical act as it manifests itself in the natural sciences, not solely as semantic fillers, but as creative constructs transcending the faculty of language. The essay also proposes a conception that what is typically referred to as binary oppositions; the hard and the soft sciences, often romanticized as The Brain and The Heart, do have more in common than what the involved parts may want to acknowledge.