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MEd in Educational Psychology from Bristol University

Member of the Royal Historical Society

Been a teacher since 2002, before that I worked in journalism in the Czech Republic and the City

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Are some cultures more creative than others?

“South-East Asian version of creativity differs to the Western version of creativity……..there is an appetite on both sides to find a common ground or at least ways to bridge the perceived creativity gap between the broadly collectivist form of creativity seen in Asian and the more individualistic form of creativity which is idiosyncratic of most Western cultures in order to capitalise on shared cultural and economic ventures.”

In this exclusive article for the Interalia Magazine, long-time teacher, Stuart Boydell explores the differences between Western and South-East Asian ideas of creativity, and asks the question that if “there are two differing conceptualisations of creativity broadly divided down an east-west divide, what then does all this mean for the future?”