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The exotic forms and luscious colours of the plant world and the way in which they migrate into every aspect of our lives has been a source of inspiration throughout Rob Kesseler’s artistic career. Using a wide range of familiar materials and objects from ceramics to furniture and from drawing to photography he creates sensual sculptures and emblematic images that celebrate the subject in a uniquely personal way. His early work explored the tensions between artifice and imitation and the paradoxes of representing nature through ironic and humorous sculptures covered in familiar pictographic icons.After a transitional period in which decorative excess led to what he describes as the “martyrdom of ornament”, his most recent work reflects current desires to exploit the benefits for collaboration between artists and scientists. Over the past decade he has worked extensively with botanical scientists at Kew exploring the creative potential of microscopic plant material. Extending the potential for collaboration, he is currently working on a fellowship with molecular biologists at the Gulbenkian Science Institute in Portugal.

Following extensive media coverage subsequent to the publication of a collection of award winning books on Pollen, Seeds and Fruit, developed in collaboration with Madeline Harley and Wolfgang Stuppy at Kew, his work has found a global audience eager to discover more about this exciting world previously hidden to all but the science community.

Articles with Rob Kesseler

Under the Microscope

Rob Kesseler’s work bridges art and science. As well as working with ceramics he also works with photography and digital images. One theme linking his wide-ranging body of work is his overwhelming fascination with plant material and the natural world, particularly microscopic plant and cell structures.