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Paavo Pylkkänen is a Finnish philosopher of mind. He is associate professor in philosophy at Skövde University College and university lecturer in theoretical philosophy at the University of Helsinki. He is particularly known for his work on mind-body-studies, building on David Bohm’s interpretation of quantum mechanics, in particular Bohm’s view of the cosmos as an enfolding and unfolding whole including mind and matter.

On the one hand I am interested in how modern physics, and quantum theory in particular affects our general scientific world-view.  On the other hand, I am interested in whether mental phenomena – including conscious experience – could be understood in a new way in the light of such a new quantum world-view.  I have focused upon the physicists David Bohm and Basil Hiley’s interpretations of quantum theory.  The areas relevant to my research are thus philosophy, consciousness studies, cognitive (neuro)science and physics.

Pylkkänen P., Mind, Matter and the Implicate Order. New York and Berlin: Springer. 2007.

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