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I live and work in Cambridgeshire and exhibit with the Cambridge Drawing Society. After graduating with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from the Cambridge School of Art, the neurological rehabilitation and collective recovery of my family took priority and my practice continued later from the studio we built at home. My work has been bought, displayed and exhibited in artistic, scientific and therapeutic settings. I also take part in the biannual exhibitions as part of the Cambridge Drawing Society.


Articles with Katherine Gravett

Exploring interconnections of order and chaos

“I am an emerging artist living in Cambridgeshire. Due to circumstances involving one of my children and a traumatic brain injury, I began my current practice as a way to cope with the neurological rehabilitation that has consumed family life. This experience feeds heavily into my artistic process.”

Katherine Gravett has worked in collaboration with neuroscientists in Cambridge and her work has been exhibited in artistic, scientific and therapeutic settings.