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BioBAT ArtSpace was conceived to serve the communities of Sunset Park and Bay Ridge through the advancement of STEAM education by using the arts to connect science, technology, engineering and math. Art programming and exhibits will be designed to foster dialogue and cultivate a community space that will introduce the advanced sciences to local schools and community members. We believe that the arts can be used to enhance creative and critical thinking, can make connections across disciplines, and nurture future generations of innovators.

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BioBAT: Spontaneous Emergence of Order

BioBAT Art Space is the first exhibition space in New York City that is entirely dedicated to the intersection of Art and Science. Their inaugural art exhibit, ‘Spontaneous Emergence of Order’ features four interdisciplinary artists who create works based in science and technology.

Spontaneous emergence of order is a form of self-organization out of seeming chaos, the organic forming of systems mastered by no one person or thing, but the unfolding, natural order of a collective of events and actions. The four artists in this exhibit are sifting through this ordered chaos and creating their own new order based on their findings. Whether their interest is in the biological or the technological their artworks are all connected through the messiness of life itself and our connections to the natural world.