Mesoscopic Ripples in the Neural Sea

Dmitry Gelfand and Evelina Domnitch create sensory immersion environments that merge physics, chemistry and computer science with uncanny philosophical practices. Current findings, particularly regarding wave phenomena, are employed by the artists to investigate questions of perception and perpetuity.




Ours has been a dizzying, serpentine journey, plunging into the bottomless mysteries of light. Its intangibility and illusiveness inspired us to enact the most exotic and ephemeral encounters between light and matter, that can nonetheless be bound by the straightjacket of a “piece of art.”  We intuited that denuding the nature of light, whose mercurial motion might only be exceeded by the distance- free instantaneity of its own entanglements, would enable us to perceive the perpetual impetus of its pervasive flow, insuppressibly transforming everything in its wake, from planetesimals to light-harvesting proteins.

Both the messenger and the message, both particle and wave, light engulfs the entire cosmos in a flood of quantum coherence,  leading us to eventually understand that quantum behavior has no upper threshold – despite the original presumptions of quantum theory.  The threshold is a purely perceptual and methodological residue, hence, the deep-seated inability to detect even the slightest hint of a quantum-to-classical-transition. Quantum coherence refers to a superposition of wave states characterizing all quantum systems – as exemplified by lightʼs self-interference pattern in the double-slit experiment.  This intrinsic behavior enables various other quantum phenomena such as entanglement.  “It is also thought to be the power behind several “quantum tools”, including quantum information processing, metrology, transport, and recently, some functions in biological organisms (e.g., efficient energy transport) in a photosynthetic complex or in an avian chemical compass [1].”


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