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Drawing in a Fluid Space

Solveig Settemsdal is a Norwegian multi-disciplinary artist working across mediums including sculpture, video, photography and drawing. Her practice investigates fluidity and the potential and transience of materials, be it sculptural, geological or cognitive. She is interested in how ephemeral objects can reveal processes otherwise hidden, such as how geological time can be compressed into an observable time frame. She recently won the Jerwood Drawing Prize for her video piece Singularity (2016) and is currently studying for an MFA in Sculpture at the Slade School of Fine Art.

Creativity and Metaphor video blog link

Featuring – Sir Ken Robinson: Can Creativity Be Taught? ; an interview with David Cope ; ‘Beautiful Minds: The Enigma of Genius’: a discussion between Brian Greene, R. Douglas Fields, Philip Glass, Rex Jung, Dean Keith Simonton, Julie Taymor and Marcus du Sautoy ; and ‘Madness Redefined: Creativity, Intelligence and the Dark Side of the Mind’: a discussion between James Fallon, Kay Redfield Jamison, Susan McKeown and Elyn Saks

Tor-Finn Malum Fitje: The Mystery of Bird Navigation

Tor-Finn Malum Fitje is a Norwegian artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. His projects are typically manifested through narratives in video and sound, although textual production is likewise an evident aspect of this process. His activity borders scientific research, a position strongly reflected in the finished artworks. Questions regarding the nature of sensory and linguistic reproductions, of metaphors and cognition, of myth and physical theory, and of poetry and the natural sciences, are reoccurring subjects of interest.

Crystal Worlds

Dr Simon F. Park is a Senior Teaching Fellow at the University of Surrey, where he teaches Microbiology and Molecular Biology. For nearly 10 years now, he has also worked at the fertile intersection between art and science and here, his practice has been inspired by the aesthetics and processes of the usually invisible microbiological and chemical world. As well as collaborating with artists, he also produces his own work. ‘Crystal Worlds’ is an example.

Hidden Fields

“Humans are energy fields…….The distinguishing feature which makes humans (or any form of life) special is the energetic relationships between the materials from which we’re made.”

David Glowacki is a scientist, artist, and cultural theorist. A Royal Society Research Fellow based at the University of Bristol, and a visiting scholar at Stanford University, one of his cross-disciplinary projects is the multi-award winning ‘danceroom Spectroscopy / Hidden Fields’, which has been touring internationally over the past few years. In this exclusive interview he discusses these projects, the aesthetics of scientific imagination and the fusion of scientific and artistic practice.