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Laura Splan is a Brooklyn, NY based visual artist. Her work has been exhibited in a broad range of curatorial contexts including craft, feminism, technology, design, medicine and ritual. Splan’s work as been exhibited widely at such venues as the Museum of Art & Design (New York, NY), the International Museum of Surgical Science (Chicago, IL), the New York Hall of Science (New York, NY), and the Museum of Contemporary Craft (Portland, OR).

In 2011, she had a solo exhibition at the Nicolaysen Art Museum (Casper, WY). Commissioned projects for her work have included a series of graphite and soap residue paintings for the Center for Disease Control and a series of computerized machine lace doilies for the Gen Art New Media Art Exhibition. In 2007, she received a Jerome Foundation Travel Grant to research the history of medical instrumentation and anatomical representation at venues including the Wellcome Museum (London, UK) and La Specola (Florence, IT).

She received an Artist’s Grant for her 2012 residency at the Vermont Studio Center. She has been a visiting lecturer on topics of Digital Art, as well as intersections of Art & Biology at Stanford University (Palo Alto, CA), Mills College (Oakland, CA) and Observatory (Brooklyn, NY).

Articles with Laura Splan

Manifest Expressions

Laura Splan’s work explores intersections of art, science, technology and craft. Her conceptually based projects examine the material manifestations of our mutable relationship with the human body. She examines perceptions and representations of the corporeal with a range of traditional and new media techniques. She often combines the quotidian with the unfamiliar to explore culturally constructed notions of order and disorder, function and dysfunction. Her frequent combinations of textiles with technology challenge values of the “the hand” in creative production and question notions of agency and chance in aesthetics. Much of her work is inspired by experimentation with materials and processes, which she mines for their narrative implications and untapped potentials. Her recent work currently on view at NYU Langone Medical Center Art Gallery (New York, NY) uses biosensors to create data-driven forms and patterns for digitally fabricated sculptures, tapestries and works on paper. She is currently developing a series of durational performances with biosensor actuated sculptures and sound.

Biological Imaginings

The elaborate and often fragile, vulnerable nature of the human body, including its thought processes and memories, find perfect correspondence in these works by Laura Splan. Pattern and structure, often referencing neuroanatomical forms, are explored and revealed through delicate works that often employ blood as both imagery and material.