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Steven Faivus: The Greenhouse Effect

Steven Faivus is a high school science teacher and alto saxophonist. He has been developing science arts materials in high schools for over 25 years. His Mission? To Understand and Appreciate Nature. His website ‘Singing Scientific-Science Through the Arts’ (www.singingscientific.com) uses illustration, video, poetry, story and song to provide a deeper understanding of Global Warming and Climate Change.




Each media provides a different perspective on the topic, allowing for different observations and questions. Together, materials lead to deeper understanding of Global Warming and Climate Change.

The illustration, a scientific model to create, observe, and interrogate, gives visual clues to the key terms and main steps of the scientific process. Like a sponge, the illustration can start small and soak up detail and nuance as the learning progresses.

The song accesses a different part of the brain by outlining the process with rhythm and rhyme. The rhyming, repeating hook features definitions of the key terms. Call and response elicits retention, deep memory, and joy.

The story follows the process in more detail, as a narrative, up close and personal. As in a fable, non-human entities, alive or not, are imbued with human attributes. Participants discover unexpected emotion and drama in science, building connection and relevance.

Poetry allows us to step away, searching for essential truths. In this Singing Scientific context, the poet asks so what?, why should i care? The science poetry searches for further connections-personal, social, or political, looking for the big picture.


Singing Scientific-Science Through the Arts: Climate Change


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