Emerging Ideas

Joseph Norman: Superorganism

“I am exploring adult fairytale narrative to develop the landscape as a dramaturgic and anthropomorphic element wherein all forms of life are connected through energy conversion, growth and decay.”

Kay Hartung: Biovisions

“My work is abstract, though influenced by observations of microscopic imagery. Colonies of cellular shapes migrate, flow and multiply. Clusters of orbs are tethered together in unknown universes.”

Cryptic 2017: Art and Science

Cryptic 2017 examines the relationship between art, science and technology, and features artworks that use technology and science variously as medium or message. Explore digital and kinetic interactive artworks, virtual reality, and mixed media installations, all set in the idiosyncratic spaces of the Crypt Gallery, London.

Cecelia Chapman: Strange Love 2017

Cecelia Chapman is an artist, designer, video producer and writer whose works primarily examine image, perception and consciousness. Her first design position with the physicist Dr. Frank Oppenheimer in the Exploratorium working with engineers, artists and scientists to develop perceptual and physics exhibits, influences her practice to this day. Chapman produces drawings, and short video in collaboration with sound artists online.

Elena Nemkova: Affective Accidence

    The sculptures of the series “Affective Accidence” are a kind of solidified emotions. The organic and synthetic materials shape in their layers the crusts of power of the human cerebral reactions to the internal or external stimuli. The forms are based to the data provided by 3D fMR brain scanning and some testimonials […]

Kon Markogiannis: Mind Patterns

Kon Markogiannis is an artist with an interest in spirituality and the evolution of consciousness. By manipulating the photographic medium he is able to develop a personal and simultaneously transpersonal language which negotiates between subjective art and the photographic document.

James Stone: Poetry in Data

Poetry in Data is an experiment.

At first glance, poetry and data are very different things. They inhabit different worlds and speak different languages. So what happens when they collide? Could they fuse into something interesting?

Joy Peng: Before the Eternal Silence

‘Before the Eternal Silence’ is a time-based installation that uses the past eighteen years of environmental data to explore the belief that the destruction of human habitation is getting worse, and emphasize the interconnected influence between humans and our environment.

Stephen Bennett: Data visualisation and maps

Stephen Bennett’s work explores whether art can bridge the gap between science and public decision-making. Data visualisation and maps are points of departure.

He is currently studying for an MA in Arts and Science at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London