Out Innerspace Dance Theatre: Vessel

Created for 5 dancers, Vessel investigates the concept of ‘inner space’ that inspires Out Innerspace Dance Theatre artistic directors Tiffany Tregarthen and David Raymond.


The exciting Canadian Dance Theatre company, Out Innerspace, is very good at creating an otherworldly/innerworldly atmosphere, seamlessly melding multimedia into edgy new work. Many of the striking images in its first full-length piece, Vessel, bring to mind molecular movements and the irrational world of the subconscious.

Created for 5 dancers, Vessel investigates the concept of ‘inner space’ that inspires Artistic Directors Tiffany Tregarthen and David Raymond. ‘Inner space’ is defined as the region beneath the sea, between earth and outer space; the inner self or the realm of the imagination, the part of us not normally accessible to consciousness, as well as the realms of the cellular, molecular, atomic smaller than the everyday human experience. These themes inspire both Vessel’s movement innovation and planetary video projections. Dancers magnify minute human experiences into bold relationships and turning points in this highly physical, visual art work.

CHOREOGRAPHY BY: David Raymond and Tiffany Tregarthen

LENGTH OF WORK: 55 minutes




Led by David Raymond & Tiffany Tregarthen, Out Innerspace Dance Theatre is part of a new and dynamic generation of emerging contemporary dance artists.

Out Innerspace is devoted to creating contemporary dance and dance on screen with distinct integrity and artistry. Out Innerspace is determined to be innovative yet accessible, to push beyond traditional aesthetics and forms with unreserved ingenuity. Through research and experimentation, Out Innerspace recognizes the importance of challenging our preconceptions of what can be expected, experienced and expounded in contemporary dance.

The long term vision of the company is to develop and maintain an infrastructure to support the company’s creative ventures and build a broad interdisciplinary performance language through projects that can include mentorships, collaborations with emerging and established professionals from a multitude of disciplines, touring, site‐specific works, and outreach programs.


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