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I developed a passion for the brain in high school, so I went on to complete a neuroscience undergraduate degree, continuing to study nervous system development (axon guidance) of the spinal cord for my Ph.D. It was in grad school where I developed my passion for the art of communicating data visually, and for simulating complex biological processes with computers. I decided to combine my passion for visualization with my aptitudes for quantitative, analytical thought as an entrepreneur with dual hats as a data scientist and data artist. When I’m not creating custom Jupyter notebook-based data processing scripts for my personal and freelance projects, I’m most likely experimenting with generative design in Processing.

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Neural Connections

Tyler Sloan is a freelance data artist/scientist. While he is not developing custom Jupyter-based data processing pipelines, he produces computer-generated artwork and data-driven motion design using Open Data and formal scientific models. His artwork combines elements of his training as a developmental neurobiologist (B.Sc, Ph.D.) with his passion for Open Data.