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Julie Light is a visual artist who creates sculptural objects in glass and other materials. Her creative practice focuses on medical themes investigating body and form, often through novel visualisations of health and disease, aiming to understand how our day-to-day physical being influences our sense of identity. She completed an MA in Art and Science at Central St Martin’s, University of the Arts, London in 2018 and often now works in collaboration with others, such as projects involving scientists or policy makers at the Royal Society, the University of Leeds and Kings College London.

Articles with Julie Light

A window onto science: representing scientific concepts in art and the potential of the diorama

What is involved in creating an artwork that responds to scientific research? Should the artwork portray the science in a representational way and should it be scientifically ‘accurate’? How can different materials and techniques convey scientific concepts or ‘challenge’ them? And how can the social, industrial or institutional factors be reflected in the process? Artist Julie Light and a group of scientists at the University of Leeds faced these dilemmas in relation to an artwork commissioned to engage new audiences through an artist’s response to scientific research. The development of ‘Diorama 1’ provides a case study of the practices and decisions that enable an artist and team of scientists to work through complex issues about representing science.

Visions of Science

“My main aim is to raise questions about how scientific developments – particularly relating to my current preoccupation with medical imaging – change the way people think about themselves, their bodies and their identity”.

Julie Light is a visual artist primarily creating sculptural objects in glass and other materials. Her current work is focused on the relationships between medical technologies and the self.