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An ’85 kid, born and raised in Bristol in the South West of England. My first love in life was music and I was making electronic music at the early age of 6 years old. I continued to do so through my teens and went on to study in music production after leaving school.

In April 2007, I was heading over to Australia to look at a specialised music production course in Australia and it was then when I bought my first camera to take a few ‘holiday snaps’ during my travels. From that point onwards, 2 new loves entered my life – photography and travelling. The 2 seemed to go hand in hand so on the return to the motherland, I completely immersed myself in this new artform and researched on where I could go next to see and put my new learned skills into practice. The camera was rarely out of my hands and when it was, I was in front of my computer learning how to process my images in digital darkrooms.

I did not have any formal training with photography and instead took to the internet and books to learn new techniques. The rest was a lot of trial and error!

Since those early days, I have been back and forth to various countries building a portfolio of travel images. I have also worked on a wide array of commercial projects and opened my own gallery/studio in 2010 as well as photographing some luxury international hotels.

My dream was always to work for Lonely Planet and in 2011 I approached the company and took up a 5 year contract with them. Subsequently, Lonely Planet Images were bought by the bigger Getty Images so I am now working under Getty to sell my images around the world.

I have been featured all over the world and have been used for book covers, within Lonely Planet guidebooks, commercial adverts, magazines, travel blogs and calendars.

My approach to photography is to simply document and share the beauty of our planet. I don’t manipulate my images to be something they are not with post production techniques. I try to accurately reproduce the scene that was in front of me at the time and hopefully inspire others to take similar journeys in their lives.

Explore. Dream. Discover.

For commercial use of any of my photographs please visit Getty Images.

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