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Christian de Lutz is a curator and visual artist, originally from New York. He works in photography, new media, video and installation. His artworks deal with social, political and cultural themes, with an emphasis on technology, migration and cultural borderlines. He has collaborated with artists and institutions in Germany, Spain and Southeast Europe as well as exhibiting in Europe, the USA and Japan.

As a co-founder of Art Laboratory Berlin he has curated over 30 exhibitions and developed a number of series, including Time and Technology and Synaesthesia as well as [macro]biologies & [micro]biologies. His curatorial work concentrates on the interface of art, science and technology in the 21st century. Additionally he has published numerous articles in journals and books, and is active in a number of collaborative organisations including transmediale/ re-Source, Synapse (Haus der Kulturen der Welt) and The Berlin Network of Free Project Spaces and Initiatives.

Regine Rapp
is an art historian and curator. Her specific fields of research for 20th and 21st century art are installation art, image text theory, artist books, and art & science collaborations. Currently she is researching spatial aesthetics of contemporary installation art. She worked as Assistant Professor for Art History at the Burg Giebichenstein Art Academy Halle until Autumn 2013.

She is co-director of Art Laboratory Berlin, which she co-founded in 2006. She curated over 30 exhibitions (exhibition series on Time and Technology, Synaesthesia and macro/microbiologies) and has published several books. Concurrent to the exhibition Sol LeWitt. Artist’s Books in 2011 she conceived and realised the international Sol LeWitt_Symposium at Art Laboratory Berlin. Together with Christian de Lutz she developed the international transdisciplinary conference Synaesthesia. Discussing a Phenomenon in the Arts, Humanities and (Neuro-)Science, 2013 at Art Laboratory Berlin. Her new publication [macro]biologies & [micro]biologies. Art and the Biological Sublime in the 21st Century reflects theoretically Art Laboratory Berlin’s last series from 2014-15.

She is a member of the International Association on Word and Image Studies (IAWIS) and SYNAPSE Curators’ Network (Haus der Kulturen der Welt)

Articles with Christian de Lutz and Regine Rapp

Reflecting Nonhuman Subjectivities

Reflecting Nonhuman Subjectivities by Christian de Lutz and Regine Rapp

The project ‘Nonhuman Subjectivities’ at Art Laboratory Berlin (from January 2016 through November 2017) seeks to explore the theme of the ‘nonhuman’ within the work of emerging positions in the fields of Science-Art and Bioart. Of particular interest, in both practice and theory, has been the emphasis on nonhuman (animal, plant, microbial) agency and subjectivity, and even the cooperative involvement of the ‘nonhuman agent’ in the production of new artwork.