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David Glowacki (that’s me) is a scientist, artist, and cultural theorist ( I have appointments as a Royal Society Research Fellow at the University of Bristol, and as a visiting scholar at Stanford. In Bristol, I head up an eclectic academic research group between the Centre for Computational Chemistry and the Department of Computer Science. I am also the founder of a Bristol-based tech startup company called interactive Scientific Ltd. (iSci), who specialize in developing interactive apps and virtual reality for molecular simulation and scientific education. I publish in several domains including: digital aesthetics, human-computer interaction, high-performance computing, evolutionary algorithms, religion & power, classical & quantum dynamics, biochemistry, atmospheric physics, and scientific instrument development. One of my projects is the multi-award winning ‘danceroom Spectroscopy’ art installation, which was used to construct the ‘Hidden Fields‘ dance performance. Since 2011, these have been experienced by well over 100,000 people across Europe, the USA, and Asia, including venues like London’s Barbican, Germany’s ZKM, the London 2012 Olypmics, the Himalayan Arts Festival in Bhutan, and the Stanford University Art Institute.

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Hidden Fields

“Humans are energy fields…….The distinguishing feature which makes humans (or any form of life) special is the energetic relationships between the materials from which we’re made.”

David Glowacki is a scientist, artist, and cultural theorist. A Royal Society Research Fellow based at the University of Bristol, and a visiting scholar at Stanford University, one of his cross-disciplinary projects is the multi-award winning ‘danceroom Spectroscopy / Hidden Fields’, which has been touring internationally over the past few years. In this exclusive interview he discusses these projects, the aesthetics of scientific imagination and the fusion of scientific and artistic practice.