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Catherine Richardson’s work is based in 2D visual art, painting, drawing, printing and digital influencing and may include installation.

Her practice, which includes experimenting with natural processes in her studio “lab” and traversing landscapes on foot to sense terrain of place, is a compilation of cartography; an inquiry into geomorphology, landforms and history expressed through a mix of narrative and abstract structures and texture.

Catherine received her BFA from The Surrey Institute of Art & Design, UK followed by a travel award.

In 2005 she completed an MFA degree from John F. Kennedy University, California.

2006 she was awarded the SCEAA (Sonoma County Emerging Artist Award), California for her paintings, sound-library and installation. The exhibition, “Marsh Road” concluded her 12-month study and immersion into phenomena, and geomorphology of marshlands of North California.

These two awards were significant in setting her course as an artist.

This year her work won her first prize award at “Visions of Science” at Edge Arts, Andrew Brownsword Gallery, Bath University

Two residencies that were pivotal to her focus on subject matter were Lucid Art Foundation (at the studio of painter Gordon Onslow Ford) and at Gullkistan Art Centre in Laugarvatn, S. Iceland”.

Recently her work has been concerned with providing a visual message about disappearing and endangered ice; remote surfaces of the planet, obscure within our daily encounters yet massive in influencing climate and life.

Catherine’s art has been shown in the UK and internationally, including San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Artists Gallery, Thoreau Centre for Sustainability, San Francisco, Ca.

Ice House Gallery, Petaluma (California)

Ions Institute for Noetic Sciences, Petaluma, Ca.

The Edge Arts, Andrew Brownsword Gallery, Bath University, England.

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“Within my art practice I examine ways in which climate and current cultural awareness influence how we regard landscape phenomena”.

Catherine Richardson experiments with natural processes using paint, inks, pond water and metals; building a library of textures by freezing, thawing, evaporating, heating and burning. Using these textures the artist compiles mixed medium ‘paintings’ on panel or paper. Richardson then uses digital techniques to organize a collage of scanned textures, creating imagery that expresses landforms experienced.