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Minnesota artist Bonnie Cutts has been drawing and painting throughout her life. Her practice is rooted in the natural world around her, and in recent years, in the natural world within. It is these exterior and interior landscapes—nature’s forms and objects—and the beauty of colors for which we need to dig that have provided the most substantive grounds for response. Bonnie’s work has been shown in numerous exhibitions internationally since the early 1980s. Most recently, her science-based artwork has been included in Science Inspires Art, The New York Hall of Science, Queens, NY; A Sense of Place, Site:Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY, Art of Neuroscience 2015 Online Gallery, Eye Film Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands; Art and Neuroscience Virtual Exhibit, Salzburg Global Seminar, Salzburg, Austria; Science, Linus Galleries, Long Beach, CA; Subconscious, Flow Art Space, St. Paul, MN; and The Neuro-Bureau Online Art Exhibition.

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Brainbow and beyond

Bonnie Cutts’ paintings are reflections of distinct periods of the creative journey that is her life, where the process of painting is as important as the finished artwork. In this article she shows some of her work that has been influenced by neuroscience and how this has led on to a more contemplative body of work.