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Andrea Williamson is an artist and educator born in Calgary (Treaty 7) and living and working in Tiohtiá:ke/Montréal. She received a Master in Fine Arts with Distinction from Goldsmiths, University of London. In growing season 2019 she was artist in residence on the Campus MIL Université de Montréal properties, used temporarily by collective and community gardens prior to development. She teaches in the Fine Arts faculty at the Visual Arts Centre, Montréal and as an educator in primary and secondary schools.

Articles with Andrea Williamson

The queer uses of colour

This text looks to undo assumptions of creative individuals existing apart from dynamic material relations. Following a material ecocriticism ethos, it describes many simultaneous instances of materials affecting the narrative or meaning-making potential within human art practice, specifically in recounted moments from an artist residency taking place within collective gardens where plants were made into paints. In developing Sara Ahmed’s refrain of ‘use’ coming before, during or after relations, the creative tendency to find potential in pre-existing materials, using them differently, is proposed as a life-sustaining mode, like that of Margulis’ Serial Endosymbiosis Theory.