The Reenchantment of the Tree

The Reenchantment of the the Tree concentrates on images of trees found predominantly in the arid zone of far western NSW. Louise Fowler Smith layers or glazes light onto specially chosen trees, that may otherwise have been disregarded and ignored; concentrating on its individual qualities or personality. This process draws out the tree, making it special, individualistic, even sacred.

FG Golden Night Trio 2
FG Leopard Tree
Kintchega Night Mulga
Lone Sturt Custodian(in exhibit)Solitude - FinalSturt Tree-elipse.wkd-colour-spotd-moreyello-enlrged
Lone Willow
Remains of the Day
The Celestial Mulga
The Dowager
The Illuminated Mulga
Desert It
The Nocturnal Dancer
Tree of Mann

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