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Pattern Finding and the Thirty-Seventh Move

“People have always searched for the “song beneath the song” – a way to discover, match, and predict the patterns of a complicated world. Every job, from firefighting to lawyering, demands that practitioners learn the patterns, say, of how a fire grows or an argument is made. But how deep do patterns go? Are there patterns that underlie it all? Can our computers learn them for us?”

Brainbow and beyond

Bonnie Cutts’ paintings are reflections of distinct periods of the creative journey that is her life, where the process of painting is as important as the finished artwork. In this article she shows some of her work that has been influenced by neuroscience and how this has led on to a more contemplative body of work.

Memories photographed

“For me, defining a sense of place is the allure of the photographic image. The instant, when time and place seem to merge to catch a moment. But it is the imperceptible connections I seek to define…..when something catches your peripheral vision, but is gone when you turn for a longer glimpse. My photographs aim to force the viewer to look beyond the obvious….to be present and aware of the physical and spiritual light within the subtleness…..to reveal the essence beyond the normal visual spectrum.”