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Elena Nemkova: Affective Accidence



The sculptures of the series “Affective Accidence” are a kind of solidified emotions. The organic and synthetic materials shape in their layers the crusts of power of the human cerebral reactions to the internal or external stimuli. The forms are based to the data provided by 3D fMR brain scanning and some testimonials descriptions.

Some of the sculptures are performative and are exhibited as the body extensions or its flayed sides.

These sculptures exploit the power of chemical processes, which dominates us. Just apparently, they don’t represent any authority and they are secondary in our identity, respect the “human power of willing”

Recent scientific studies are affirming we almost unable to influence to our emotions and cerebral instinctive reactions


An interview with myself

What does my art express? 

My work portrays the malleability of our habits with regard to the continuous exploration of hidden neurobiological mechanisms, ones which in a certain sense govern our lives.

I focus to depicture a utopian fantasy, which gearing towards the co-creation of a more tolerable experience of the everyday, an escape through festivity and with some anchors in art tradition.

I am very motivated in my desire for the collaborative and open-end projects, where everyone can be a potential viewer of this art, and denotes the its aesthetic as an autonomous form of life.

What kind of materials I use?

I use performance, sculpture, drawing and in some cases video, in attempt to sum up the artistic working out in detail with scientific abstraction and their potential convergences.

I do think it is important to highlight the materials and their social, political, and economic implications.  Even sometime the neutrality of materials become the subject of engagement.

More often, instead of supplying the (art) market with new commodities, I prefer the performative actions as a way to channel art’s symbolic capital towards the social change and they perceptions.

What are my aspirations?

As an artist, my aim is to trigger for events that would otherwise have no existence, what are as much as possible informed by science, rather than merely inspired by it.

To generate a more articulated access to social truth, however eccentric, extreme or irrational this might be.



The sculptures were made in collaboration with Dr Stephen Whitmarsh, the former researcher at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm

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