Agnes Denes: Early Philosophical Drawings

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Aprimary figure among the concept-based artists who emerged in the 1960s and 1970s, Agnes Denes is internationally known for works created in a wide range of mediums. A pioneer of several art movements, she is difficult to categorize. Investigating science, philosophy, linguistics, psychology, poetry, history, and music.

From a conceptual art background, she’s distinctively engaged with socio-political ideas and was a pioneer of environmental art. Among her most famous – and monumental – earthworks is Tree Mountain–A Living Time Capsule, a reclamation project and the first man-made virgin forest situated in Ylöjärvi, in Western Finland (1996).

Here are a few of her earliest “philosophical” works. (1970-1973)

denes 2

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Early Philosophical Drawings, Monoprints, and Sculpture

All of the above works are in museum and private collections

© Agnes Denes 1970-1973

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