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Theo Dirix has held the office of Consul in Embassies of Belgium in (successively) Tanzania, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Canada, the United Arab Emirates and, since 2011, Greece. Before 1989, he worked for the Flemish Radio 3 and commented on (mainly Moroccan) literature. He has never stopped writing travel stories (or about graves).

Theo Dirix: In Search of Andreas Vesalius: The Quest for the Lost Grave

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Portraits and other hoaxes: Why some research about Andreas Vesalius is not picked up

Many details in the biography of anatomist Andreas Vesalius have been confirmed as hoaxes in the past few decades. The most malicious ones concern his alleged trouble with the Inquisition and his death in a shipwreck. Nobody can ignore, though, the sources proving that Vesalius travelled to the Holy Land as a devout pilgrim with the support of his employer, and that, upon his return, he did not die on a deserted beach along the Ionian coast, but expired in Zakynthos, where he was buried in the Santa Maria delle Grazie Church, now destroyed.