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Account of a Collision

“The collaboration between Dr Daniel Crow, physicist and Dr Charles Ogilvie, artist, began at the Royal College of Art in 2010. The Royal College of Art and Imperial College had arranged an art/science “speed dating event” to aid postgraduate students in finding potential collaborators. The event extended across fine and applied art and was attended by several hundred students……..A few minutes into their ‘date,’ Charles and Daniel decided they’d had enough. Instead, they would go to the bar and have a beer by themselves. This somewhat frustrated response to the huge catchall of Art/Science collaboration helps to contextualise their early projects together – as we will see.”

Charles Ogilvie is a London based multimedia artist and graduate of the Royal College of Art who has completed a PhD by practice at Oxford University exploring outsider art and outsider science.

Daniel Crow studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge and completed his PhD in theoretical physics at Imperial College London in 2013. His current research focusses on the mathematical treatment of whole systems methods in global energy modelling