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Gunther Lill is a mixed media artist. He lives and works in Altena, Germany. In the early years of his life he practiced experimental analog photography and taught photography courses. He later switched to digital photography.


In addition to his lifelong, autodidactic studies of art, he learned to work with antique glass, opalescent, colorescent and mirror glass from renowned master glaziers. Since 1989, numerous glass art objects have been created using lead glazing and Tiffany technology.


From 2000 to 2010 Gunther Lill mainly devoted himself to computer-aided graphics, image processing and programming. He realized cross-media projects (internet and intranet) as well as public relations.


Since 2010 Gunther Lill has been concentrating on abstract mixed media paintings and sculptures, which have attracted international attention. He is particularly focused on the interaction between art and science and closely observes the global art scene on the Internet. 

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“My personal life experience led me to realize that health is not self-evident. I had the opportunity to learn how powerful the combination of materials science, medical science and medical art is today.”

Gunther Lill is a mixed media artist. His series ‘Art4Heart‘ aims to inform and make people aware of the outstanding importance of modern technology for human health.