The Art in HeArt

Issue 25 June 2016

Taxonomy of Love

“Often in the field of artistic work, something uncontrollable for the artist is tapped. A puzzling and often confusing, yet important and determinating process completes itself parallel with the conscious and willing behavior to accomplice the goals set out. The quests in the scientific field following the initial steps to create a work, take me to strange areas of my domain of interest.”

With her training in psychology and art, Chantal Pollier explores the symbolic meaning of the heart.

Hybrid Thinking from the Heart

Vasia Hatzi, PhD Geneticist, MEDinART Creator and Founder, stands between two different worlds: Science and Art. Combining her knowledge from the field of Cytogenetics with imagination and aiming to communicate her science through a different path, she created LaB. Bio-Conceptual Creations, a hybrid world that links Biology with Art. Aiming to familiarize the general public with biomedical inspired art and connect the med-inspired artists from all around the world, Vasia Hatzi created the continuously growing global art-network MEDinART. In this exclusive interview she talks about LaB, MEDinArt, hybrid thinking and the heart.

The Body is a Big Place (interview with Helen Pynor)

Helen Pynor’s practice spans large-scale installations through to small intimate works, using photography, sculpture, video, media art, wet biology and performance. She explores philosophically and experientially ambiguous zones such as the life-death boundary and the inter-subjective borderlands of organ transplantation. Experimentation and engagement with living biological entities is essential to her research, sometimes undertaken in extreme conditions such as heart transplant operating theatres or abattoir killing floors, and at other times in the more measured environments of scientific laboratories. In this exclusive interview she discusses ‘The Body is a Big Place’, a collaborative installation work by herself and Peta Clancy, exploring organ transplantation and the ambiguous thresholds between life and death.

The Body is a Big Place (interview with Peta Clancy)

Peta Clancy has investigated the intersection of art and biological processes for the past decade. Working predominantly with photography and more recently bio-art, sculpture, installation, and video, she has undertaken an in-depth analysis of the skin as a porous membrane. In this exclusive interview she discusses, from her own perspective, ‘The Body is a Big Place’, a collaborative installation work by herself and Helen Pynor, exploring organ transplantation and the ambiguous thresholds between life and death.

The Mystic Heart

Benjamin A. Vierling is an American artist who is widely respected for his trademark rendering of arcane mysticism. Using predominantly a 15th century technique of mixing egg tempera & oil pigments, his work exalts the aesthetic ideal that art has the ability to unify disparate paradigms. Mythical references are integrated with contemporary subjects to bridge the timeless with the ephemeral in his iconic compositions. In this exclusive interview, he talks about the symbolism and meanings of the heart in his work.

Cardiology and Art

Dr. Julia Grapsa is a consultant cardiologist and an honorary senior lecturer at Imperial College of London. She is also chair of the young community of imaging, in the European Society of Cardiology. She recently organised “Cardio MEDICINE 2016: A Field of Science – Art & Economics” in Athens – Greece, the first conference that included distinguished speakers from the fields of Science, Cardiology and Arts. In an exclusive interview, she talks with Vasia Hatzi (founder of MEDinART) about the conference and the relationship between cardiology and art.

The Heart in Art

Joanna Culley is the Lead Medical and Scientific Illustrator & founder of, producing large scale medical and scientific artwork projects for high profile clients. A traditionally trained artist, her specialities are maintaining the traditional mediums in medical art such as producing hand drawn artwork and colour work in watercolour, pencils and pastels.

The Spatial Heart

“An exploration into the boundaries of space: volume, surface and line; of the immaterial form and its perception – its structure and deconstruction. A deep look at the human body, its anatomy and the appropriation of its symbols.” Federico Carbajal, an architect based in Montreal, creates beautiful artworks based on human anatomy. Using galvanized wire, stainless steel, and acrylic, his works exude the essence of life.

Textile Anatomy

“I am interested in the physical inside, the medical world is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. I do not want to discover the negative side, I do not necessarily want to talk about pain, about the unwanted moments in our lives. I just want to draw the attention to what can happen!” Valentina Stefanescu is a textile artist whose professional field is education in textile, contemporary textile art and craft in education, drawing and painting. She has taken part in a number of exhibitions both in her country and abroad.

The Metaphorical Heart

“I would like my work to form a new field of thinking where all contradictions are resolved and a new type of harmony governs both the visual and the logic!” Κonstantinos Patsios studied painting at the School of Fine Arts in Athens and at Rhode Island School of Design in Providence U.S.A . One of the principles in his work is the synthesis of non-matching materials, where humour and creativity go hand in hand with various symbols taken from popular culture. He has always been seduced by anatomy. Here, he presents some work where we can see his interest for the human heart.