Emerging Ideas

Stephen Magrath: A journey into Sci-Art

Stephen Magrath’s drawings, paintings and prints are inspired by his interest in health and wellbeing and informed by related scientific research. He has degrees in both Social Psychology and Fine Art and has deepened his interest in the interconnectedness of mind and body through collaborations with practitioners and research scientists in the fields of stress management, neuroscience and cognitive psychology.

Claudia Stocker: Vivid Biology

Claudia Stocker is a science artist based in Bristol, UK. Her work focusses on interpreting scientific data and visualising scientific subjects. She is particularly interested in subjects that are too small to see clearly, such as molecular biology, chemical structures and microbes.

Martin Hewer: Cosmology

Using traditional painting materials to explore the cosmos, Martin Hewer is fascinated by what other worlds might look like and how to record them with paint. Light, space, time and the unseen are almost impossible to express within the limits of pigments but this has not deterred his exploration. The results are symbolic of a striving humanity.

Asier Marzo: Acoustic Manipulation

Asier Marzo works as a Research Assistant at Bristol University, UK. His research interests are to achieve individual acoustic manipulation of thousands of objects for tissue engineering or novel displays as well as to bring acoustic levitation to the general public.

David Lewis-Baker: Life Essence

As well as being a former academic in the field of politics, David Lewis-Baker is an experienced street photographer and an artist with a keen interest in the relationship between art and science. “As far as I am concerned, when working together, art can add wisdom to scientific knowledge, while science can add knowledge to artistic wisdom.”

Reimagining China’s Terracotta Warriors

  A unique exhibition based on China’s world famous Terracotta Warriors will be held at Loughborough University, London in October 2016. The Dialogue with the Emperor Qin’s Warriors exhibition features the work of artists from every country in the EU – including renowned Loughborough University sculptor John Atkin – as well as three from China. […]

Garry Kennard: And no birds sing

Garry Kennard is a painter, writer and founding director of Art and Mind (www.artandmind.org). A fascination with how the brain reacts to works of art has lead Kennard to research, write and lecture on these topics. With Rita Carter and Annabel Huxley he devised and directed the unique Art and Mind Festivals which attracted leading artists and scientists to explore what light the brain sciences can throw on contemporary culture.

This essay is his personal view of the new Tate Modern extension.

Julius Colwyn: In the Midst of Things

  Throughout my studies and research I have found myself to be a nomad, in between disciplines, walking the strange places between the bodies of knowledge, a thought ecologist. My work is concerned with how we grow an understanding, how we can incubate a meaning within a metaphor, a metaphor in a pattern, the pattern […]

Silvia Krupinska: Studio Hide

Silvia Krupinska is a process-based artist/sculptor focusing on how we relate to water environments, taking her inspiration from natural textures and experiences. She explores the element of ‘usefulness’ in her work by trying to understand our daily lives, our local surroundings and how we can affect the change, for better or for worse. She has been investigating how art and science can work together in interdisciplinary collaborations with London Wildlife Trust, Hydrocitizenship, Thames21, and Dr Richard Bater.

Keun Wook Ji: Actual Dynamics

A recent graduate of the MA Art and Science course, at Central Saint Martins (UAL, London), Keun Wook Ji incorporates particle physics into his artwork. ‘Actual Dynamics’ is a series of unique pencil drawings on canvas, which focus on the collision mechanisms of particle physics.