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Taxonomy of Love

“Often in the field of artistic work, something uncontrollable for the artist is tapped. A puzzling and often confusing, yet important and determinating process completes itself parallel with the conscious and willing behavior to accomplice the goals set out. The quests in the scientific field following the initial steps to create a work, take me to strange areas of my domain of interest.”

With her training in psychology and art, Chantal Pollier explores the symbolic meaning of the heart.

Between beauty and disgust

“My work is surprising, raises questions, the fragile beauty is often associated with horror, even with disgust. Not only for the created work, but also for the violation of the integrity of the living being, for it is often necessary to be destructive in the method of research. This duality that I experience at any dissection or other research experience is part of my job. It would be an illusion to think that the final artwork remains untouched by it. And I notice that artists and scientists often dance on the same tightrope.”
With her training in psychology and art, Chantal Pollier shows the fragile, vulnerable body in its temporary presence. In this exclusive interview, she discusses her ideas and work.

Hybrid Thinking from the Heart

Vasia Hatzi, PhD Geneticist, MEDinART Creator and Founder, stands between two different worlds: Science and Art. Combining her knowledge from the field of Cytogenetics with imagination and aiming to communicate her science through a different path, she created LaB. Bio-Conceptual Creations, a hybrid world that links Biology with Art. Aiming to familiarize the general public with biomedical inspired art and connect the med-inspired artists from all around the world, Vasia Hatzi created the continuously growing global art-network MEDinART. In this exclusive interview she talks about LaB, MEDinArt, hybrid thinking and the heart.

Life and nature in all its beauty and strength, fragility and disease, mortality and death.

Pascale’s work attempts to capture the point where art and science meld. An alchemist at heart, her work begins with observation and experimentation but is however steeped in solid scientific research and findings. Her inspiration is drawn from observing the internal and external human body in all its diversity, life and nature in all its beauty, strength, fragility, disease, mortality, immortality and death. New technologies and philosophies , quantum physics, nano technology, animatronics are amongst her interest and are important in her work.