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As well as illustrated articles and interviews, the magazine will include ‘visual’ and ‘sound’ articles.

Sound Works

Naomi Kashiwagi is an award-winning artist who produces sound works, installations, performances and works on paper, that draw upon her cultural heritage, an intrinsic fusion of two cultures, British and Japanese. Drawing is central to Kashiwagi’s practice and she makes drawings using a range of media including diamonds, typewriters, gramophones and pianos, as well as graphite and pen.

Fictional Fragments

Anouk Mercier’s works present fictional, collaged landscapes and scenes, composed of fragments of existing 18th Century landscape etchings seamlessly assembled and interwoven with flowing waterfalls. Although clearly influenced by Romanticism, the melancholic worlds created deliberately escape definition: pastel coloured skies and surreal horizons hint at sci-fi, futuristic propositions, whilst purposefully disrupting obvious references to the Past and complacent idylls. These subtle contradictions result in a tension further symbolized by derelict architectural elements, simultaneously alluding to heroic monuments whilst embodying their decay.

Fluid Geometries and Pattern Pieces

David Wade is a Sculptor, Graphic Artist, Photographer and Author of numerous books on geometry and pattern, including ‘Pattern in Islamic Art’, ‘Geometric Patterns and Borders’ and ‘Crystal & Dragon: The Cosmic Dance of Symmetry and Chaos in Nature, Art and Consciousness’.

Fluid Geometries and Pattern Pieces are a selection of some of his own artworks.

Visualising the Sound of Nature

Andy Thomas creates a visual fusion between Nature and Technology, by taking photos and sound recordings of flora and fauna and producing audio responsive animations that visually represent the subject matter in beautiful and abstract ways. By using 3D software to digitize nature, he creates familiar looking structures such as insects and plants that move in a rhythmical dance to corresponding sounds. His work seeks to explore ideas such as self similarity in nature and how evolution and technology co-exist on this planet we call Earth.

Exploring the UnSeen

Jody Rasch is a New York–based artist who explores the duality of nature through scientifically influenced abstractions. He has been exhibiting for over 25 years, including a solo show of his work at Pfizer Corporation’s headquarters in New York. He is affiliated with SciArt Center and Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI).

Megan McGlynn

“My work is inspired equally by architecture and neuroscience. Through a layering of geometric networks, my work provides a glimpse into the complexity and functionality of neural processes. It explores human perception from the inside and out: how we take in and recollect visual information through the anatomy of our brains, and the unruly imagery it creates in the mind’s eye.”